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Our vision is to consistently deliver high standards of care and support for all our service users. Offer them a safe and warm environment where they are actively engaged with various activities aimed at giving them a better quality of life.

We are committed to delivering exceptional outcomes; giving vulnerable adults we support the opportunity to live a fulfilled and active lifestyle within the community.

We have an effective and senior management group that are able to manage a well trained team. Ensuring that we deliver our services with the 5 key lines of inquiry always close to mind.

The staff team has the skills, qualifications and experience in supporting people working towards living as independently as possible. We can be trusted not to deviate from our valves because of our commitment to the highest professional standards.

Dignity and Respect: We will treat others with dignity, respect and kindness and value diversity.

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We Believe in the principles of equality and diversity. Any form of discrimination on the grounds of age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, culture, race, language, religion, belief and sexual orientation will not be tolerated.

Any incidents of discrimination involving young people will be notified immediately to the social worker of the responsible local authority and the necessary further actions will be taken. Where the incident invovles our staff, appropriate actions will be taken and could result in dismissal. Fair and equotable treatment will apply regardless of any young persons racial, ethnic or national heritage, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, spiritual beliefs, disability or health status in accordance with Equality Act 2010.

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