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Infinity Care Group provides a full spectrum of daily services in our Supported Living Accommodation that will help everyone live a life full of dignity, purpose, and respect. Whether one of our residents requires Medication Monitoring or administration, or Support with cooking and day to day care. We strive to provide many options to the people we support and make sure they feel well taken care of and supported.

In our adult personal care and accomondation Service, our service users are at the heart of everything that we do. We work in partnership with each person, agreeing together on how we will support them to be as independent as possible, both in their own home and community. We also listen to the views of their families and the professionals who may be supporting them.

Each individual receives emotional and physical support from a specialist staff team who are trained to meet their specific needs. We carefully match our team members to each person so that we can nurture trusting and positive relationships. With individually tailored support from people they feel comfortable and secure with, service users quickly grow in confidence.

Support is available from a few hours a week to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including 1:1 support. We provide help across a range of areas to enable individuals to lead more enriching and fulfilling lives. This includes:

  • Community Inclusion

  • Support in Domestic tasks such as cooking, shopping cleaning

  • Personal Care

  • Supporting and Administrating Medication

  • Managing Finances and Budgeting

  • 24 hour on-call support service for the support team employment

  • Helping with claiming and managing benefits

  • Support with accessing leisure and social activities

  • Maintaining links with family and friends, and establishing new relationships

  • Supporting healthy lifestyles

Learning Disabilities & Mental Health: Services


Nourish Your Soul

We provide the people we support with Medication Monitoring and administration to make sure there’s always something exciting to look forward to at Infinity Care Group.
It’s just one of the things that sets our Supported Living Home apart from the rest. We’re passionate about providing opportunities the people we support to make new memories and friends while enjoying our services. By making these memories happen, we are trained and experienced to encourge our service users to take necessary medication prescribed by professionals. 
By encourging our services users this will help them gain their own independance or responsibilies in their lives.
As a respectable Caring company we will always strives to make sure the people we support have the best help and are involved with every options provided in their lives.



Health & Wellbeing

When you choose Infinity Care Group, you’re choosing to live your life to the fullest! Our immaculate Supported Living Home was designed to be a focal point for the wellbeing of our community. A wide variety of customizable services awaits, each developed and delivered by our skilled staff members to help make your life more comfortable and enjoyable. Enjoy access to all of the programs and facilities you want in a welcoming atmosphere.

Learning Disabilities & Mental Health: Our Services


By the time many of our community members arrive at Infinity Care Group, most require some degree of health and wellbeing monitoring. Our Care Home provides complimentary and customizable Meal Preparation services for everyone. By catering to the personal needs of each and everyone here, we hope to make Infinity Care Group feel like home.

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