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Din En 1563 Pdf Free !NEW! Download

Designation standards: DIN EN 1563:2019-04 Publication date standards: 1.4.2019 SKU: NS-939477 The number of pages: 52Approximate weight : 156 g (0.34 lbs) Country: German technical standard Category: Technical standards DIN

din en 1563 pdf free download

In order to apply mould wall inoculation techniques to high-silicon ductile cast iron, the grade EN-GJS-500-14 according to the European standard EN 1563 was produced in a total of two melts. The carbon equivalent (CE), calculated by Eqn. 1, was set to eutectic (4.3 wt.%) composition. The average chemical composition of the melts is given in Table 2.

Grade 700-2 ductile iron (SG) supplied in bars up to 3m in length, stock can be cut to length on request. The final number in the SG iron grade (EN-GJS-700-2) refers to the minimum percentage elongation. Our EN-GJS-700-2 SG iron is supplied conforming to BS EN 1563 and can be delivered throughout the UK. 350c69d7ab


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