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So you want to DIY your own tie-dyed clothes, bedding, or fabric? Brilliant! My How to Tie-Dye Like a Pro guide walks you through all the steps you need to learn how to tie-dye your own beautiful patterns.


After letting your shirt rest, carefully cut off the rubber bands. Next, rinse the dyed garment under warm water. Reduce the temperature gradually as you rinse. Wring the shirt gently and then hang to dry. Finally, wash your completed garment in cold water. The color will bleed for the first few washes, so wash your new tie-dyed shirt alone.

Stacey Golden Designs are handcrafted in the heart of the Colorado Rockies!Each garment is individually hand tied and hand dyed and like snowflakes no two are exactly alike. During the tie dye process each piece has been washed and dried twice but please still wash once alone or with like colors. Lots of love goes into making my designs so wear in good spirits and enjoy!!

Please contact with any questions. Any items to be returned MUST be returned within 14 days of receipt, clean and unaltered for a refund. Underwear cannot be returned. StuyDYED \"Dye Me\" items cannot be returned for a refund at this time.

All StuyDYED products are unique. The process of tie dyeing allows for no perfect replicas. Any StuySURPRISE items are random and NOT the ones marked in the sample photo. All one of a kind items are sold as is and cannot be changed. Any StuyDYED products sent in to be dyed cannot be un-dyed or undone. The final result of any StuyDYED product, is permanent and final.

The distinctive, raw organic feel of well-executed tie dye stems partly from the fact that it is truly "handmade". The beauty seen in a tie dyed pattern is the mark of the artist's hand, not a mark reproduced by a manufactured tool.

However, if you might be thinking the more time the better, this is not true. As with any clothing, letting your newly tie-dyed clothes sit for days on end will result in mold or other issues such as a bad odor. To avoid this, make sure you keep track of how long is has been since you let your t-shirts sit out and wash accordingly!

You can treat your tie dye t-shirt like any other shirt after this first washing, but in order to keep the vibrancy and the beauty you created with your dying, follow these steps the first time you wash your tie-dyed t-shirt.

Drying your tie dyed clothes properly can help solidify the dye and make sure that it is fully ready to wear. The heat helps to set the color and make it stronger against fading. This will help with future washes and make it so you have a long-lasting tie dye shirts for years.

A: When choosing your screen print ink color, be sure to keep two things in mind. First, the shirt is still white under all that dye. Over time your tie-dye can fade and the white shirt will be revealed. Putting a white transfer on the tie-dyed shirt may look great at first, but could make the transfer hard to see over time. Secondly, take note of all the colors in your tie-dyed shirt and choose an ink color that has enough contrast to your tie-dye. If your dye colors are bright then black tends to be a good choice for contrasting ink.

I have been wanting to make my own tie dye Crocs for a while, but after researching how to do it, all I found was dip dyeing or hydro dyeing. And while the dip dyed Crocs come out pretty cool, I wanted to find another way since spray paint can get expensive and at least in the US you have to be 18 to buy it. Then while you can spray a sealant over the paint, as the Crocs bend and move, it can still get detached and start to chip off. 041b061a72


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