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Advanced Potion Making By Libatius Borage Pdf 39

Potions was a core class and subject taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry[4][11] and Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.[12] In this class, students learnt the correct way to brew potions.[4] They followed specific recipes and used various magical ingredients to create potions, starting with simple ones and moving to more advanced ones as they progressed in knowledge.[4]

advanced potion making by libatius borage pdf 39

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Besides potions and their ingredients, other information was covered in the first year as well. Students were informed of the basic details on preparation of the Draught of Living Death, along with the nature of various ingredients, such as Infusion of Wormwood, Powdered Root of Asphodel and Aconite.[4] The class also covered the twelve uses of dragon blood,[19] the types of cauldrons, and the types of phials used in potion-making. Bezoars[4] were briefly mentioned and the Standard Ingredient was also used in most beginner potions.[20]

Fourth-year lessons included information on Poison Antidotes.[41][42] It was unknown what type of poison these potions referred to, common or uncommon. Also, this lesson was most likely a theoretical one. Mixing antidotes is complex and advanced, which were also covered in the sixth year[10] as well as this one.

Fifth-year homework included writing an essay on the properties of Moonstone and its uses in Potion making[14] and to write an essay on how to properly brew the Strengthening Solution.[54] Also potions and other classwork this year was O.W.L.-level in preparation for the upcoming exam.[14]


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