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We've all know about these internet super heroes but just what is it that makes an internet hero?We asked the three biggest heroes of 2009 to explain their motivations,however only one of them wrote backWe asked the 3rd Place Hero of the Year yourbeingrecorded a few questions to better understand the situation,here is the interview:Q:First and most important,when and how did you decide you wanted to be a hero?To make a long story short,I realized at a point that there was so much that other people could be doing to "hero" and help spread the right message that wasn't being done.Not to many people knew what it would take to get threw to someone other then spamming "YOUR BEING RECORDED" So I came up with other ideas to try and help others understand and work to prevent some of the things from happening and it's been a duty ever since. Q.What exactly do you get from heroing and why do it?Well it just started to become more of a responsibility after a while.There's really no one else that knows so much about this type of stuff that's trying to educate people about it,it's like a psychology thing and I want the right people to know.I've done a lot of testing and thinking of ways to educate people more people about it and found a lot of girls will be relieved or thankful if handled the right way.Q.It seems as though you take the job almost too seriously,what do you really have to prove?The problem I think is that there aren't enough people taking it seriously and that's why i made the guide for heroing so maybe the right person can find it and use it when needed.I'm pretty much just trying to prove how big of a problem it is and get others to wise up to it.Q.Do you hero because you hate girls in general?LOL it has nothing to do with that.In fact more then anything it has more to do with I do like them and personally I hate when they get taken advantage of.I know a lot of girls do show because they want to not because they're being brainwashed but there's a lot that are gonna be devastated if they do show and get recorded so I'm trying to prevent that.Will every single girl I tell listen?No,I know that but the ones that do will be very grateful. Q.What is the whole point your youtube videos and what other videos are you planning?The point is to pretty much reveal everything about capping and show people the way things work for the ignorant people who think it's some kind of joke.I have a lot of videos ready that I just need to edit and decide what order it'll be in but I'm working on more relevant videos such as how you can tell fakes on stickam and maybe even personal video messages directed at specific girlsQ.You obviously put a lot of thought into heroing,where do you get all these ideas from?Myself?It doesn't take much thinking it just comes to me a lot of the time in different situations I think "Ok this won't work,what will?"Then I come up ideas and characters for it.Q.We all know you use a lot of different tactics for heroing,how many tactics do you really have?Pretty much something for every situation and a lot of strategy behind them.I think of something new everyday but don't really try much of it unless a situation comes up but I balance it out.I know when something works or not.Q.How do you really feel about cappers?They're ignorant,what they don't seem to understand is it's not a game.I don't expect them to learn though.They'll always be to pathetic to realize they're giving up on life.Q.What is your feeling on girls who show?Depends.Either the girl needs to know the risks or she needs to be banned.A part of me thinks girls like Flipsie should be put on spotlight for what they are,just in a clean way that shows the person she is.Q.Lastly,What do you have to say to other heroes out there?Um...Keep up the good work?!If your doing it right then your doing a great service trust me.

Q.So what are your thoughts on being the 2009 Capper of the Year?Sweet i guess. Didnt really know i won until now.Q.A lot of people have said you don't cap,just archive videos posted on anonib and reup them.So do you ever cap yourself and if so how much of what you post is your own?I do a little of both. I came across AnonIB and a few sites like it about a year ago and i liked it but got tired of the continious begging for reups. I was a big fan of rschan before it went down and i liked the idea of backing everything up and i thought there needed to be an alternative to _stick so i created _stickbackup and the response was good so i continued with it. But before that someone floated an idea of backing everything up in torents and i liked the idea so i started the T series torrents. People seemed to like those as well so i- -kept em coming. Eventually _stickbackup got shut down tho and i still haven't had word as to why but oh well Chair agreed to merge _stick with _stickbackup so i have a little work ahead of me but i think i can return _stick to _stickbackup's glory. As for OC, most of it winds up in the torrents because im honestly just too lazy to up everything to sharing sites. I upped a few to to try and get that site going tho.Q.Indeed,you contribute tremendously to the anonib board which is why your an admin of the site correct?By the way when did you first become an anonib admin and how did it happen?Well i am not admin. I'm a global mod. After I started _stickbackup people started flooding to my board and it was working out well. Then AnonIB went down for those couple weeks and i tried to continue it on imageboards4free but that site is shit, i could post granny porn there and people would report it as cp. So i was about ready to give up with it but AnonIB came back and me and K got to work bringing SBU back. I dropped my email in there for reports and eventually chair and Rob got ahold of me. Chair was wondering if I could help mod _stick and Rob was giving me a hand setting up SBU. One day i just asked if he needed another global and i was set up within the next hour.Q.So as a global mod on anonib,what is it like moderating such a huge board and what are some of your responsibilities?Just watch for illegal posts such as cp or for spam. I also get alot of emails from people or copyright holders that want their images taken down.Q.Which of the current boards on anonib do you spend the most time on and how do you spend that time?Probably stick or tnr. And probably the same way every other anon spends time on AnonIB. Looking for new content.Q.Well a lot of mods on the board get accused of hoarding or deleting posts not because of the violation of TOS but to keep others from getting it,what is your answer to this and have you ever done this yourself?I know i've never done that and i highly doubt K or chair have but i guess anything is possible. You also have to remember tho if someone contacts us with proof and they want their images removed we have to act.Q.There are also rumors swirling around that the anonib mods have their own private boards,do you a response to this?If there is one send me the URL. I've never seen one.Q.Speaking of mods,which anonib mod would you say you have have the best relationship with and why?Well K started modding SBU with me not long after it was created, but probably K or chair as i talk with both of them fairly often.Q.Apart from moderating anonib,what other related work do you spend time on? (such as browsing stickam)Actually not much at the moment, I've slowed down with pretty much all internet activity for the time being because im just too fucking busy.So if you don't see any posts from me for days at a time that is why.Q.Last question,do you have any predictions for this year on what your future might hold?In all honesty im hoping stickam admin are gonna give their heads a shake and bring back private rooms but besides that... I guess i've been hoping for a caseyface/paige dyke out or double bate for a while now. One day the dream might come true.We can only hope that dream will soon become a reality!Anyway we'd like to that the 2009 Capper of the Year for his timeAs for Caseyface we attempted an interview over last weekend and we have the response later! 350c69d7ab


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