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Uplink Money Cheats BEST

This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Uplink: Hacker Elite for PC. If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click EDIT and add it.

Uplink Money Cheats

Not really a cheat but still a great way to get money easily. You'll need a Log Deleter version 4, A HUD Connection Analyzer, a Proxy Bypass version 5, a dictionary hacker is useful, and a rank of intermediate. Get a mission to trace a balance transfer. After you complete the mission to find out where the money went go back into the account and set up a transfer for the money to your bank account. You'll need to turn on the Proxy Bypass to finalize it. Then go into view statement and erase the log of the transfer (top one). Leave and immediately go to wherever you wipe your tracks at and do so. Then go into your bank account, bypass the proxy, delete the record in the statement saying you received the money, and leave and wipe your tracks again. This is an easy way to make hundreds of thousands of credits

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Buy Password Breaker and Log Deleter V4, if you have enough money left also buy Proxy disable V5 (max), if you don't have enough money, remember that you can get 1000c extra by increasing your loan in the uplink bank, if it's still not enough do missions until you have enough (should be fast)

Make an account on the bank the account you have to pay the fine to is on and hack the account. If it is loaded, just transfer it to your account, delete the transfer and internic logs of course. Congrats, you are rich! If not, look at the transfer logs and look for any big transfers and get the money from there. Otherwise:

Transfer whatever money there is on the account you are on to your account anyway. Don't forget to delete the logs here as well. You will get a promotion to Grade 8 and now be able to accept "Trace a recent balance transfer" missions.

Accept a "trace a recent balance transfer" mission. Go to the specified account. Look if they are rich. If not, follow the log you are supposed to follow anyway. Then get the money from there. And again, delete the logs.

In the game, the player assumes the role of a hacker in the year 2010, who begins work for the Uplink Corporation, which is a worldwide company providing work for hackers. The player amasses money, software, Gateway hardware and skill in the course of performing jobs for various clients, and hacking servers of global corporations for profit. The storyline of the game begins with the player receiving an e-mail from a deceased top ranking Uplink agent concerning the research done by the Andromeda Research Corporation, related to the Andromeda organization which proclaims the destruction of the Internet. It is constructing a computer virus known as Revelation using artificial life research as a base in an attempt to destroy the world wide net. One of the companies, Arunmor, attempts to cross their plans by developing Faith, a counter virus that can purge Revelation. The player can choose between two companies or even ignore the plot in its entirety, concentrating on freelance hacking, in which case the storyline plays out without the player's participation.

Here's a list of commonly asked questions, and the answers.Q: How do I use the Network Options?A: Inside the Uplink options menu, there is a Network options section.This is used for setting up a kind of Multiple Monitor Set (Like the on in The Matrix or Swordfish). As of yet, there is no ability to use this for any kind of multi-player.To use these options, follow these instructions:1. On your main computer, load Uplink, and go to the Network options2. Click on the 'Start Server' Button and then load you game.3. On another computer connect to the network, enter the Network options, and click the 'Connect to Server' button.4. Exit the options screen, and on the main Title screen, there should be 2 Blue buttons in the top left corner, one saying 'COMMS' and the other 'STATUS'. Select which ever one you want the monitor to display. It should load the relevant details on to the screen.5. If you have a second computer connected to the network, repeat steps 3 and 4 and click the other option.Please note that these network options are un-tested by the Introversion team, and therefore are likely to be buggy, and may crash a lot. Network Options in actionQ. Are there any cheats for Uplink?A. Yes there are, but they are very well hidden, and weren't meant to be included in the game. You may be able to find some hints on how to find them on the Uplink Forum, but even then it is still hard. They were removed in Uplink Version 1.2.Q. How do I find the Gamebible password/Introversion's IP/[continue list of secrets here]? A. These are secrets, and should be found your selves. There are numerous hints for most of the secrets on the game around the Uplink Forum; it's just a matter of looking. Be careful though, some of them contain the actual answers, and those of you wanting to work them out for your selves may have things ruined for you.Q. There are no jobs left on the mission board, what now? A. If you click the fast forward button (the blue one at the top with the 2 arrows on it), then eventually a mission you can take will appear.Q. I'm Having graphical Problems with my Kyro II, how can I fix it? A. Try this, I have been told it works, though I've not tried it myself. Create a new profile for Uplink in the 3d optimisation tab (under properties for screen, settings tab click advanced then on the optimisation tab). Click the arrow to create a profile for Uplink. Give the profile a name and browse to find the .exe file for uplink. Now click the openGL tab and make sure you check the box in front of "use application specified buffering". Start the game and hopefully there will be no flickering or tearing. By checking the "Disable Waiting for Vertical Sync" box in the openGL optim.. you might gain some speed in the game. Tip: Stay clear of the other boxes. In most cases it only makes it worse.Q: What is in the Uplink Bank/Government Mainframe? A: They are un-hackable. But even if somehow you did manage to get in, the Government Mainframe is empty, and the Uplink bank has but one account - yours. Sorry, you can't hack it.Q. I downloaded the patch, but it doesn't work, why not? A. The patch is simply a replacement exe file. Run the extractor and point it to where ever you installed Uplink. It will then copy the new file over the old one.Q. I've ordered Uplink, how long will it take to arrive? A. If you ordered it using a Credit Card, it should take about 2-3 days in the UK, about a week to the Europe and the US (normally less though) and maybe a couple of weeks to other places out side Europe. If you ordered with an International Money order, you should add a couple of days on for the payment to reach Introversion first.

So that's about ten quid in real money, which is so absurdly cheap that we're tempted to buy the games all over again. We're not going to, obviously - it may be the season of goodwill, but we'd prefer not to have to hitch-hike home for Christmas - but we might dig out Defcon again and apply the Christmas mod. 5.4 million children happy!

  • Compare with Net Runner. There was a fan sequel called Codelink, and there also exists a command prompt-based Spiritual Successor known as Hacknet. Not to be confused with the Self-Contained Demo for the original Half-Life, Half-Life: Uplink.This game provides examples of: 555: The computers you hack into use nonsense IP addresses.

  • And the phonelines you ring for voice print IDs use nonsense phone numbers.

  • Your gateway is always No place like home...

  • All Crimes Are Equal: An unintentional example, but someone will go to jail just as readily for rape, murder, and arson as for jaywalking, spitting, and littering. Just so long as they've violated parole.

  • Apocalypse How : Between Societal Disruption and Societal Collapse if Revelation succeeds.

  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Also unintentional, but as a result of All Crimes Are Equal above, you can indeed send someone to prison for, say, genocide, conspiracy to overthrow the government, and parking on a double yellow line. They also have to be violating parole, as you cannot authorize arrest without that particular crime. So you can turn someone into a genocidal, mass murdering jaywalker...who was successfully paroled and subsequently violated their parole.

  • Beeping Computers The Trace Tracker program.

  • The Big Board: The Game Within a Game on Protovision's machine.

  • Computer Virus: ARC is attempting to develop a virus to destroy the Internet. The first version you recover doesn't spread across systems, but a speed run demonstrated that it can eliminate the global network by running it on enough computers.

  • Copy Protection: A glossy black-on-black code sheet that asks you to enter the two character sequence at a certain intersection. When the game came out, it was indeed intended as copy-protection, as the game didn't have any kind of DRM and it was Introversion's first game, though now, with the rise of Steam and digital distribution, it has become more a bit of nostalgia. The codes themselves are also hexadecimal characters that allow you to access the game development bible hidden on the original CD if you convert them.

  • Cosmetic Award: There are 12 "Special Awards" to achieve, mostly tied to the completion of the storyline missions. However, since one can only take one branch of the storyline, it's impossible to earn all of them in a single playthrough.

  • The Cracker: The player. You can destroy a company's servers completely - at least datawise - and doing so will net you a nice little news article about how a mysterious hacker has cost the company millions. They don't seem to ever actually go bankrupt, although their stock will tank. You can hack into a bank and funnel money into your account - possibly even bouncing it around several times and keeping it in accounts on other bank websites, rather than storing it all on the Uplink Corporation Bank.

  • Creator Cameo: Introversion Software is one of the companies that hires you from time to time, and they have a website in-game about possible ideas for a sequel. Their IP has to be manually looked up first, as it is initially hidden from the list InterNIC has.

  • Crippling Overspecialization: The high-end Gateways tend to do one thing very well, to the detriment of their other abilities. The UNITY High-Security Platform has multiple redundant security options (but see Useless Useful Spell), and can hold 1 more CPU that most other Gateways, but has very little memory. The AM-CORE File Server has the most memory storage (256 Gq) and the fastest available bandwidth (10 Gqs), but can only hold three CPUs, which means the actual hacking process will be slow. The OMEGA Parallel Supercomputer can hold a whopping sixteen CPUs, which will allow it to crack any system extremely fast, but it has only 48 Gq memory, a slow 4 Gqs bandwidth, and only one security slot (which is bad, see Useless Useful Spell, again). The TRINITY-1686a Gateway is, however, the Master of None gateway: able to use 8 CPUs, with 128 Gq of storage and the second-fastest bandwidth (8 Gqs), it will nonetheless have difficulty completing more specialized missions, such as "Copy a Large Database".

  • Critical Annoyance: The Trace Tracker. The lack of any other significant sound in the game except a quiet music soundtrack can make the slow but subtle beep rate increase into Nightmare Fuel, particularly if you've only got about five seconds left.

  • The motion detector will flash red regardless of who is near the computer, as long as there is more than one person (one person only makes it flash yellow; any computer upgrades you order are carried out by one person per upgrade). This could either be the FBI coming with your game over, or those 5 new processors you just ordered.

  • Developer's Foresight: Anything that can be done on a computer can likely be done in Uplink. For example, if you need to delete a load of files on a server, you could either go into the console then access the registry and purge it, or delete them manually.

  • Also, when you connect to the Uplink Public Access Server and Gateway for the first time in the intro, the logo on your computer screen changes based on whether you're playing the Windows, Mac or Linux version.

  • Difficult, but Awesome: Robbing a bank to get a 6 digit payoff. Getting a mission that points you to a target account is relatively quick: they start showing up as "Trace a recent bank transfer" missions around rank 7, which is the rank after you start getting missions to hack into the Global Criminal Database, a particularly tough nut to crack. Banks, by comparison, are pretty easy. You only need a proxy disabler, a password breaker, and a voice analysis recorder, all of which are relatively inexpensive. But banks hate getting hacked: your trace time will be ridiculously short unless you bounce your connection through dozens of links, and if you leave any record, you're going to get caught. It's not enough to transfer the money and delete your connection log: you also have to delete the actual transfer log from the sending account AND your receiving account. And the passive trace is the fastest you're ever going to see: from time of transfer to completion of passive trace is less than five minutes, where other passive traces can take hours or days. It's very possible to complete the hack without all the tools, rush back to Uplink Services and buy all the software you need to cover your tracks, but it's very difficult. If you manage to pull it off, though, you'll easily jump up 4-5 ranks in Uplink, and have enough money to buy the best of, well, everything, trivializing hacks until you decide to start working on LAN hacks. There is an extremely easy way to get away with it that requires some preparation, however: hack the bank, transfer the funds, delete the transfer logs, and blow up your gateway. You don't have to worry about any passive trace, and this is much cheaper to do as it only requires Proxy Disable (because banks for some reason never have firewalls), Password Breaker and Log Deleter software. The preparation, however, requires a gateway with a security option, and installation of the gateway nuke.

  • Disc-One Nuke: If you know how, it's fairly easynote Transferring the funds to your account is easy. Covering your tracks requires several tricks you may not have figured out yet. to rob a bank and funnel a couple million dollars into your bank account, thereby allowing you to buy all the best hardware and software early on. The game even baits you with this early on; after a few safe missions to modify data in the International Academic Database, you'll find a mission to trace a recent funds transfer - in the order of 900,000 credits...

  • Easter Egg: There are supposedly encrypted easter eggs hidden in the game's code. No, the game doesn't find and decrypt them for you when you do something, it's up to you to find and decrypt the right pieces of code.

  • At the beginning of the game, you're asked for a two-character code as part of the game's copy protection. The code sheet is written in hexadecimal coding, and it does say something.

  • Exact Progress Bar: Almost every program the player can utilize logs progress in this way. The v3 and below Trace Tracker will sometimes jump around a little, but still stays fairly consistent. V4 shows your Exact Time to Failure. The MapTrace HUD upgrade, despite costing more than the best Trace Tracker, does not show how much time you have until the trace is complete, only many bounces your hack has been traced through.

  • Extreme Graphical Representation: Justified, because it is a representation of Hollywood Hacking.

  • Feelies: Although even these are virtual: The passworded "Game Bible"

  • The shiny bonus disc, with old builds of the game and their ideas for Uplink 2.

  • Fan Sequel: Codelink, currently in open beta. Here's their dev blog.

  • Featureless Protagonist: You have no photo in your school records, Social Security file, or criminal record. During the secret mission to steal the agent roster from the Uplink Internal Services machine, there's always one of the ten files missing - the one containing your own record.

  • The Guards Must Be Crazy: The InterNIC server is infamous for having no security measures whatsoever (not even a Monitor to trace you with) and never even changing the admin password. As such, it's frequently cited as the perfect place to start your connection-bouncing from, as after a hack you can easily break into the server within seconds and delete the logs to foil a passive trace.

  • Guide Dang It!: There are a number of things that you can only learn through trial and error, as the tutorial is designed to get you up and running and not much else. Specifically: If you manage to hack a computer and log out without getting your fake credentials revoked, then when you bounce your link through that computer, it's much harder to trace through, giving you more time.

  • Government-owned computers are harder to passively trace through, as the government doesn't like people asking for their access records, politely or otherwise. Bouncing your signal through a government database, even the notoriously easy-to-hack International Academic Database, will give you more time to cover your tracks.

  • Never buy the Dictionary Breaker: see Useless Useful Spell.

  • The Connection Analyzer itself is useless, but allows you to purchase Bypass programs. By far the most important Bypass program is the Monitor Bypass, which can delay a trace from starting. Buying the Proxy and Firewall Bypass is eventually extremely helpful, but you'll likely have equivalent Disable programs that work just as well until you have enough money to upgrade to the Bypass program. But there's no Monitor Disable program, making the Monitor Bypass program extremely helpful.

  • Robbing a bank is a quick way to make a lot of money, but the first (few) time(s) you do it, you'll get caught by the passive trace. The Guide Dang It! here is two fold: 1) transferring the funds is easy, but covering your tracks is hard, and 2) after you think you've covered your tracks, do not advance time on the fastest speed: if you've missed something, you will have only seconds to blow up your Gateway and keep your ill-gotten wealth when the police show up, and if you advance time, you'll miss that opportunity completely.

  • Hacker Collective: The Uplink corporation. Since it was one of the first games, many followed their example.

Hoist by His Own Petard: If you're working for Arunmor, this can happen in the final mission - you can destroy ARC's central mainframe with their own virus. The exact sequence of events: Be sure to hang on to the Revelation 1.0 virus file - you have two opportunities to get your hands on it. When the final mission starts, immediately infiltrate the ARC mainframe. Copy Revelation to their fileserv


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