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The Angel Sleeper Pillow is currently Copper Fit's only sleep accessory. This memory foam pillow shapes to the sleeper's head and neck for comfortable support, while a copper-infused fabric case is designed to help limit bacterial growth. The pillow's distinctive cutout design makes it easier for side sleepers to rest their arms in a more natural position.

Sleep Angel Sleep

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The Angel Sleeper Pillow is middle-of-the-road when it comes to both firmness and thickness. It has a medium feel, which is in the range most side and back sleepers prefer. Similarly, it has a medium loft, measuring 5 inches thick. This should accommodate most side and back sleepers with small- to average-sized heads, but some individuals with larger heads may prefer a thicker model.

The two traits that make the Angel Sleeper Pillow stand out most are its cutout sides and copper-infused cover. Side sleepers who struggle to find a place to rest their arms may appreciate these cutouts since they leave extra room near the head.

Acne sufferers and people concerned with cleanliness and odors may like the copper cover since it is intended to inhibit bacterial growth. Copper also has strong thermal conductivity, which may help pull heat away from the sleeper. However, since the memory foam pillow could trap heat, the cover alone may not be able to regulate temperatures enough for hot sleepers.

Its most valuable trait may be its conforming. Not only can this help promote optimal spinal alignment, but it can also distribute the weight of the head more evenly to limit pressure points. The Angel Sleeper also earns strong marks in durability, shape retention, moldability, and odor potential. Its weakest areas are firmness options and temperature control, so it may not be ideal for people who prefer a softer or firmer model and those that sleep hot.

Side Sleepers:The Angel Sleeper's medium loft and feel are well suited for side sleeping. This pillow should be thick and supportive enough to fill the distance between the head and neck and the mattress to keep the spine aligned. The Angel Sleeper also has the added benefit of a cut-out to give side sleepers a place to rest their arms.

Side sleepers who weigh under 230 pounds are likely to get the best support. Those who weigh more than 230 pounds may be more likely to have broader shoulders or larger heads, so the Angel Sleeper may not be thick or supportive enough for some individuals in this weight group, so it may be difficult for them to keep their necks and spines aligned.

Back Sleepers:Back sleepers need a supportive pillow that prevents their head from slumping back, which could strain the neck and aggravate snoring. However, a pillow that is too thick and/or too firm could push the chin towards the chest and cause discomfort.

Most back sleepers prefer medium to firm pillows with a medium loft. While the Angel Sleeper is an appropriate thickness for most back sleepers, its firmness falls towards the lower end of the ideal range. This may make it most comfortable for back sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds. Those who weigh over 130 pounds may have heavier heads, which could sink more deeply into the Angel Sleeper's memory foam. Individuals in this weight group may still find the Angel Sleeper comfortable, it may not be the ideal firmness for them.

Stomach Sleepers:Stomach sleepers usually need a softer, thinner pillow than those who favor other positions. A pillow that is too firm or too thick could push their head backward, putting pressure on their necks.

The Angel Sleeper's medium loft and medium firmness may be too much for stomach sleepers from all weight groups. However, some may enjoy its conforming and cushioning and appreciate the cutout space to rest their arms.

Our product experts have extensive experience testing just about every sleep product on the market. Send an email to [email protected] or call us at (877) 672-8966 with your questions and we'll help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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A profound undisturbed sleep during the night is essential for our health and overall well-being. When you are having sleeping problems, such as difficulties of falling asleep, disturbed sleep, nightmares there are natural ways to resolve these issues. One of the most efficient and simplest ways to improve your sleep quality is having crystals with a calming vibe in your bedroom.

Crystals can be helpful tools for sleeping problems, calming the mind, and inducing relaxation. There are several crystals that can be helpful in getting a profound sleep, you only need to know how to choose the right ones and learn how to use them while resting.

When you have quality sleep, you wake up regenerated and full of energy. Angel Aura Quartz is a must-have crystal in anyone's bedroom. The crystal with its angelic purity will not only fill the room with peace and tranquility, but it will also delight you with its beautiful appearance.

This angelic stone resonates with the energies of serenity, inner peace, and calm preparing you for a night of undisturbed profound sleep. When you keep an Angel Aura Quartz crystal near your bed, you will enjoy its peaceful, calming energy all night long.

SleepAngel Memory foam pillow gives good support for back and side sleepers - memory foam gently adapts to your shape, to help relieve the aches and pains caused by pressure peaks, contouring effect provides healthier head and neck support. Foam is very flexible and breathable polyurethane foam, that is highly durable and does not lose its shape and performance over years.

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